My Hobbies


I cant get enough of streaming my favorite TV shows on the go.
A big scene is made should Mom,Dad delay on my streaming.

Tea Parties

I love having tea parties with my friends & Mom,Dad fill their gap at home.


I love spending time playing on the jungle gym, Whenever Mom,Dad picks me from daycare I insist
on playing for a while before coming home.


I simply love capturing pictures of anything and everything, My favorite is telling Mom,Dad to make “EEEE” 🙂

Building Blocks

I cant get enough of these blocks, find myself playing with them all the time.


I love playing games on my iPad while Mom,Dad drive me around.

HQ – Kiara House

121 Doc McStuffins House, Lambie Street, Squibles Land, Chilli, 2342

KZN Branch – Beach Office

765 Dora & Boots House, Swiper Street, Map Land, BackPack, 4442